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CensusPlus and KillingFields updates


First the quick links!

The CensusPlus update does 2 things. First off, it will not detect when names have been modified by another AddOn when returned to the chat window. Since CensusPlus cannot begin to know all the formats that other mods may use, these entries will not be processed and will simply be ignored. This does not affect results other than the less than 3 when they are returned only to the chat window.

Secondly, the first time you start this version, it will scan your local database and remove any bad entries it finds.

The KillingFields update only removes the wrong team spam that occurs at the end of a battleground for battlegrounds other than arenas.

Please let me know asap of any problems you find with either of these updates!

Thanks for your patience in my getting these out!
DM. says:
April 8,2007 at 13:23
Well worth the wait :mrgreen:
Babs says:
April 8,2007 at 15:27
finally =)
xpolockx says:
April 8,2007 at 17:26
Ceto says:
April 8,2007 at 20:30
omg first
DM. says:
April 8,2007 at 20:56
You mean 3rd?
Rollie says:
April 8,2007 at 22:12
First after xpolockx's post!
xpolockx says:
April 9,2007 at 3:39
hahaha :P
DM. says:
April 11,2007 at 2:46
Oh just curious on what type of modifications will make CensusPlus not capture the data when its less than 3 chars found.

I use Prat for my chat modifications, and the way that its setup will just simply color the names for their class and thats it for /who results. So since I have it colored, CensusPlus won't capture this at all?
xpolockx says:
April 11,2007 at 5:0
Interesting concern DM, as I just have my classes colored with Teknicolor, but it's the only chat mod I have. So, I'm interested in seeing if it affects Censusplus picking it up or not as well. :)
Rollie says:
April 11,2007 at 10:2
It is more than likely not catching that data. When chat is colored, it actually comes through chat with added markup to know how to color the names and such. Since I can't possibly expect to know all the modifications AddOns might make to the chat output, I have no way to know what pattern to match so I discard the entire thing to avoid problems if it does not match the exact pattern I am watching for.
xpolockx says:
April 12,2007 at 0:40
Hmm... is there ever going to be an update where combines the 60-69 levels now that the majority of players on most servers are 70? Usually the only levels I miss now are in that bracket, because sometimes at 7am server time there's only 2-3 level 61's on, for instance. I'd love you long time... ;)
xpolockx says:
April 12,2007 at 0:43
And since I can't edit my post in this forum...

To clarify, I mean just add a /who 61-69 and such like the other levels are set up. I'm sure you could have figured that out, but I tend to edit my own posts a lot :P
DM. says:
April 12,2007 at 2:11
You should see my General Chat tab in the early mornings..... A sea of yellow text is all that you can find :(
Rollie says:
April 12,2007 at 10:5
Actually that's a good point. I'll modify that and maybe upload a ninja version shortly.
Rollie says:
April 12,2007 at 10:11
Ninja version uploaded, no version number changes (hope I don't regret it!):
Phreeze says:
April 12,2007 at 17:9
what the hell is a ninja version ? :D
NiennaMiriel says:
April 12,2007 at 18:8
Unannounced update with the same version, so that new downloads get the fix. :)
Rollie says:
April 12,2007 at 18:21
Basically so I don't have to go through everything updating changelists, changing download links, etc etc

In other words, I'm lazy!
xpolockx says:
April 13,2007 at 1:2
Sweet, thanks a lot Rollie :D
Phreeze says:
April 13,2007 at 4:52
uh...but this can produce errors or not ?? hm..whatever..just installed the "new" version ;)
xpolockx says:
April 13,2007 at 6:49
Works fine for me :)

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