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August Concurrency Numbers



It's that time of the month again and we have calculated the August concurrency numbers provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

August shows a slight downturn in concurrent players. For combined EU and US, numbers are off by about 37,000 players. While this represents slight downward movement, the numbers are still very healthy.

I am a bit surprised that the announcement at Blizzcon did not excite some folks to get back online a bit. Looking forward, with school starting back up in September, I fully expect an even greater decline next month and would expect numbers to hold after the drop until patch 2.3 which will introduce the new 10 man raid zone, Zul'Aman.

All in all, I would not be surprised if numbers continue to dwindle until the release of the next expansion which is arguably still a year or more away. I guess we'll see!
DM. says:
September 5,2007 at 15:42
Kinda knew it, with the expansion coming up and the only new instance being Zul'Aman it will for sure cause players to leave the game.

I even pre-ordered Lich-King today from EB Games, hoping to switch that to collector's whenever that is announced. For BC the people at EB Games said I was near the bottom of the list because I pre-ordered in August 2006 and others had been pre-ordering since November 2005..... So this time I wanted to make sure I was near the top :p Now I just need to make sure this receipt gets put someplace where I won't forget it.....
ViciousKisses says:
September 7,2007 at 7:58
Sorry to say, and no offence to anyone, but I think that the decline in players is because the game is moving to fast. No one I know can keep up and that the new content is for those who have no lives, or don't work, or don't go to school. Who wants to continue playing when content is moving to fast to attain. Just barely making it to a point then another 90 km is added. I know that if this continues it will cause alot of people to quit. Since blizzard is so dynamic and forward in thier gamming they should realise, and not be like all other MMO's and stop and let people catch up, and if it losses the hardcore players with no lives, so be it. The rest of us are styill enjoying the game at a more slow lv'd pace. I'd say the teh csual part time players outwiegh the fulltime players and we pay just as much too.
Rollie says:
September 7,2007 at 9:40
I have to disagree really. The next expansion won't likely be out before next summer. That gives you almost another year to get through current content. The only new content coming otherwise is a 10 man raid zone in a couple of months and the 25 man end game raid zone, The Sunwell, likely in 5 - 6 months.

IMHO, you still have plenty of time to work with TBC content before the WotLK hits.
Hybuir says:
September 7,2007 at 9:40
Too fast to attain? the Lvl grind has always been a gradual process. But i think blizzard is making it easier to reach the end game content by removing attunement processess. No longer will you be LFG Dragons Skull for your ony key quest, you zone in and buff up. Straight to the point. The game itelf is still structured VERY much to the casual player.

It's no longer a hardcore effort to remain afloat with gear, which is the end result of content. BoE's, Quest Rewards, Reputation Rewards, and Craftable BoP's are better than your average raiding gear. Don't play for a while? Bang out your rest XP. Don't want to quest? Grind out rep, or buy the marks to turn in for items/gear. Don't want to grind? Just pvp arena on the weekend and/or one day a week.

Totally doable.
Balgair says:
September 7,2007 at 19:47
Yep, I'm very much a casual, only raiding I do is Karazhan 2 nights a week in a group with fellow casual-minded folk, and my gear is pretty comparable to that of the serious raider types in my guild - it's a heck of a lot easier to keep up now. I don't even like pvp, but just from craftables, rep and 5-mans you can get good gear, and karazhan is getting to the stage of being pugged (granted I doubt they reach the end but Attumen is certainly easy enough to be puggable) Says it all that I'm looking at the tier 4 raid set and I'd only take two pieces of it over the gear I'm already wearing, and one isn't really much upgrade, I'd only take it for the set bonus (because I already have one piece)

As for things moving too fast, well, not really. For those who like 25-man content, maybe, but for those of us who don't really want to do bigger than 10-man it's too slow. My casual group cleared Karazhan about a month ago (and we didn't even start until we'd all done the 5-mans and heroics to death), we're getting bored now and with no date for even 2.2 it'll be a long time before ZA comes to give us a new challenge.

We've ended up taking on Gruul as our new challenge - of course there aren't enough of us casuals, but taking in a bunch of alts of the raiders in the guild let us try it today (Maulgar died, Gruul 21%, might've got him but the server had a hissy fit and booted everyone, and half the healers never came back, so we lost a ton of time trying to find replacements :() Great for us, but how many small guilds can do that? And we can't really progress beyond it, as our raiders raid so many days in the week that there is only the one day where it's possible for us to get their alts to help out. ZA can't come soon enough for me.

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