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April '07 Drawing


It is time for our monthly user appreciation drawing! Tickets have been assigned and I will draw the winning numbers when I log in tonight!

Check your Userpage to see the tickets you have been assigned!

This month we'll draw 2 winning tickets. Each winner will receive a $100 gift certificate. Winners must notify me by either posting in this thread, PM me through the site, or email to claim their ticket!

Good luck!

EDIT: Here are the numbers!

Hybuir says:
April 5,2007 at 23:19
tick tock! :-P
Tjosan says:
April 6,2007 at 3:50
Tick tock! :o
Babs says:
April 6,2007 at 6:17
Babs rolls 1730
Babs rolls 6228

Zomg I won 8)
NiennaMiriel says:
April 6,2007 at 8:25
How much luck do I need with 18 tickets? :)
Ceto says:
April 6,2007 at 8:40
Wow, I actually got two tickets last month. Rollie, would you consider accepting exported market data files from EVE in lieu of census data? =P
Rollie says:
April 6,2007 at 9:43

You play EVE? I've played some, will prob reactivate my account at some point!

Back on topic, I kinda forgot to do my rolls last night =x I'll get it done tonight!
Ceto says:
April 6,2007 at 10:8
Yeah, I checked out the trial and just signed up for the first month. I don't play a lot at the moment, I've probably spent more time changing up skills and jumping from system to system than I have "playing."
Redmaggie says:
April 6,2007 at 15:47
Tjosan says:
April 7,2007 at 10:6
Rollie is starting to slack? ;-)
Babs says:
April 7,2007 at 15:10
I'm gonna reroll on Bloodscalp and spammail Rollie
Redmaggie says:
April 8,2007 at 7:29
Happy Easter everybody!!!!! :lol:

Just checking to see if the numbers were posted.

Red Maggie
Tsarmina says:
April 8,2007 at 9:49
Maybe he\\'s hid them and we need to do a ticket number hunt! :)
Babs says:
April 8,2007 at 12:18
found one! his ammount of posts :P
Rollie says:
April 8,2007 at 13:2
Numbers have been posted =)

Tartara says:
April 8,2007 at 13:37
3666 is my closest one. :(

Congrats to the winners, whoever they may be.
Tjosan says:
April 8,2007 at 14:38
3763 was my closest one :(

[quote:36385e4481]Congrats to the winners, whoever they may be.[/quote:36385e4481]
Babs says:
April 8,2007 at 15:28
not even near =\
Balgair says:
April 8,2007 at 16:38
3704 ;)

Grats to the winners!
zwarfed says:
April 8,2007 at 17:2


Congratz to the winners indeed :)

Redmaggie says:
April 8,2007 at 17:9
My closest one was 6142. Congrats to the winners
xpolockx says:
April 8,2007 at 17:40
3716 and 6145... so close yet so far :P
Lahaie says:
April 9,2007 at 7:27

So I log in this morning and at the top of my screen in very large letters it says:


And sure enough - 48 6147

DM. says:
April 9,2007 at 7:52
!!! Congrats Lahaie!!
oneoflittlewords says:
April 9,2007 at 16:14
Close but not.

xpolockx says:
April 9,2007 at 18:29
grats Lahaie!
Tweeny says:
April 13,2007 at 21:32
GZ Lahaie ;)

my closest was 1 3076

Redmaggie says:
April 18,2007 at 18:7
Who was our second winner?????Do we know yet????
Rollie says:
April 18,2007 at 21:3
Nope, no word as of yet!
splinth says:
April 25,2007 at 12:15
Im boroing the thread a bit, just wonder, what realm is the one with the lowest amouth of lvl 70 dudes? :)
DM. says:
April 25,2007 at 12:31
You can view the population of each realm here:

But you can't see an overall view of which realm has lowest 70's. That you will have to check each realm out.

And whats so hard about making a new thread.....
xpolockx says:
April 25,2007 at 21:0
All the cool people hijack threads. Just ask Skyfire. :P
Phreeze says:
April 26,2007 at 3:4
back to topic:

when will there be another number drawn ?
Rollie says:
April 26,2007 at 10:39
In May!
Melik says:
May 2,2007 at 3:21
Oh snap I got the number lol, I haven\\'t been online in awhile.
Rollie says:
May 2,2007 at 8:50
Talk about cutting it short, if I hadn't forgotten to do the new drawing last night like I was planning to, you would have been out of luck!

Balgair says:
May 2,2007 at 23:49
Oooh, close one - grats! :)
Skyfire says:
May 3,2007 at 0:25
[quote:7b6e215cdb="xpolockx"]All the cool people hijack threads. Just ask Skyfire. :P[/quote:7b6e215cdb]
Wait. Where the hell did that come from? :lol:
xpolockx says:
May 3,2007 at 1:12
I was just surprised it took you so long to respond to it ;)
Skyfire says:
May 3,2007 at 1:46
I don't watch this thread, since I know I can't win anything. ;P
Redmaggie says:
May 3,2007 at 6:54
Talk about close congrats
Melik says:
May 4,2007 at 0:0
Took me so long to respond cause I took a 1 month hiatus trip and haven't log on to WR lol.
Hybuir says:
May 4,2007 at 6:42
Well I'm glad someone won! :-D You see? This is a higher calling for you to pay wow.
Tartara says:
May 4,2007 at 11:54
[quote:3e9e5de5cc="Rollie"]if I hadn't forgotten to do the new drawing last night like I was planning to...[/quote:3e9e5de5cc]

*quiet cough*

Any chance of a new drawing soon? :)
Rollie says:
May 4,2007 at 14:56
This weekend =)
xpolockx says:
May 4,2007 at 19:34
Word :D

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