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A new month is already here! And I nearly forgot about it! It's time to do another drawing!

This month, we'll give away another 2 $75 gift certificates to In addition, the folks over at have also offered up 2 T-Shirts from their new gamer line of T-Shirts : Shops. So each winner will also get their choice of a free T-Shirt from GameAmp!

Here is my favorite one:

Rollie's Fav

I will assign tickets shortly and will likely do the drawing sometime this weekend.

Good luck!

Tickets are in!

As usual, you must contact me to claim your prize! Email me rollie(at) or PM me through the site!

4652 CLAIMED! Congrats StephElMaestro!
1937 CLAIMED! Congrats lankyzor!
xpolockx says:
August 3,2006 at 0:30
This excites me :D

Good luck everyone!
NiennaMiriel says:
August 3,2006 at 8:1
I totally want that Pwny Express t-shirt! Maybe this will be my month. lol
WyriHaximus says:
August 3,2006 at 8:53
Neat, just checked out those shirts there and realy loved the rogue ones. Gratz to the future winners :).
Rollie says:
August 3,2006 at 10:14
Okay, tickets have been assigned! I'll do the drawing in the next couple of days!

Good luck to everyone!
captbananas says:
August 4,2006 at 3:31
That shirt is hilarious. If I wasnt so broke, i'd have a whole new wardrobe right about now.

*keeps fingers crossed for this month*
erypmav says:
August 4,2006 at 22:37
I want that shirt also...I just wish I had played more WoW last month lol
Toxin says:
August 5,2006 at 3:12
Managed 26 tickets this month. Not too shabby for a new server! :D
mcncyo says:
August 5,2006 at 8:12
I got 14 tickets and i just starting runing it on July 29.
Rollie says:
August 5,2006 at 10:49
Tickets are in!

erypmav says:
August 5,2006 at 11:37
Dang I didnt win lol
DM. says:
August 5,2006 at 11:51
Not even close :cry:
Balgair says:
August 5,2006 at 14:10
Nowhere near as usual... hmm, am I the highest person on the all-time top contributors list not to have ever won or has anyone else up there had the same luck as me? ;)
Alanthus says:
August 5,2006 at 14:20
Balgair, I haven't won either, though I'm saving my luck for the powerball drawing ;)
xpolockx says:
August 5,2006 at 18:34
Yeah Balgair, I've never won either... Kind of funny, since the winners are usually people not on the top contributor's list :P
Tashana says:
August 5,2006 at 20:47
I guess there's always next month!
captbananas says:
August 5,2006 at 21:30
Unlike you hardcore Top Contribs, I dont have tons of tickets, but I still dont have the luck to win.

None of my tickets were even in the 1000's or 4000's block this month. FAR OFF.

Oh well. I suppose some aspect of my life should start looking up soon.

[u:904ca3b00f]Someone[/u:904ca3b00f] owes me. :P

Grats to the winners.
Balgair says:
August 5,2006 at 23:5
Ah well, guess at least I'm not alone ;) Maybe one day! :)
oiseaux says:
August 6,2006 at 5:16
No winner here either. But I am really considering on buying that pink Pwny Express shirt. haha
Sianni says:
August 6,2006 at 23:59
No winner this month here... ah well, I still may need to buy that T-Shirt :D
NiennaMiriel says:
August 7,2006 at 8:1
[quote:6cf179d602="oiseaux"]No winner here either. But I am really considering on buying that pink Pwny Express shirt. haha[/quote:6cf179d602]

I did yesterday as soon as I realized I hadn't won. lol
StephElMaestro says:
August 9,2006 at 21:59
Hi all!

I'm only a contributor since last month and one of my 36 tickets won! 8) The 4652.

Maybe it helped that I played a lot during my 1st vacation week the last of july!

Good luck to all for next month
xpolockx says:
August 10,2006 at 0:42
grats! :D
BWDemor says:
August 10,2006 at 14:58
Hybuir says:
August 10,2006 at 22:41
Sianni says:
August 11,2006 at 23:11
Grats StephElMaestro !!
Sianni says:
August 19,2006 at 18:5
Still no claim for the second number? :(
Rollie says:
August 20,2006 at 16:24
Not yet =x
Skyfire says:
August 21,2006 at 0:11
wtb new number, pst for acceptable payment.

lankyz0r says:
August 21,2006 at 2:25
apparantly i won!
BWDemor says:
August 21,2006 at 12:31
Congratz to both winners.


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