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June Tickets and Drawing


Tickets for this month's drawing have been assigned! I will draw numbers tomorrow.

This month, we'll give away 2 $75 Amazon gift certs. Good luck!

And the winning tickets have been drawn!

If you are holding a winning ticket, contact me through the site to claim your prize! Any unclaimed prize will be forfieted and added to the prize pool for next month!
oiseaux says:
June 3,2006 at 15:56
Cool. I will be patiently waiting for the winning numbers! Perhaps I will be lucky this month.
Tartara says:
June 4,2006 at 17:44
52 tickets and no win :cry:
oiseaux says:
June 4,2006 at 17:57
Nope, not lucky haha
Sianni says:
June 4,2006 at 18:27
No winner here. Good luck everyone!
Balgair says:
June 4,2006 at 20:19
127 tickets, no win ;)
paveway says:
June 4,2006 at 23:5
miss it by 26
Hybuir says:
June 4,2006 at 23:36
44 tickets and no hit.
xpolockx says:
June 4,2006 at 23:56
well, another month with 50+ tickets and no win. My time is coming. I can feel it :lol:
WyriHaximus says:
June 5,2006 at 5:38
Congratulations to all the winners :).
Sharpaxe says:
June 6,2006 at 1:42
Again not even close. Better luck next time. Congratz to the winner(s).
DM. says:
June 6,2006 at 9:40
/sigh another month without a winning.... :cry:
PlagueSD says:
June 6,2006 at 14:0
Nice sig DM. That's a pretty good idea linking your character profile like that.
bohni says:
June 8,2006 at 15:52

I'm holding ticket 2625!

Thanks! Wow, I'm nearly speechless!

Once more, thanks!

Rollie says:
June 8,2006 at 16:11
Bohni -

Congrats! Please email me so I can get more info from you!
Jay says:
June 9,2006 at 16:48
[b:f67f9bb11d]Rollie[/b:f67f9bb11d], I think [b:f67f9bb11d]bohni[/b:f67f9bb11d] didn't win 'cos his ticket is 2625:) not 2626. I'm more of a winner ;) 'cos my ticket number is 2662 :D
Rollie says:
June 9,2006 at 16:55

I am sure it was an honest mistake! So there are still 2 unclaimed tickets up for grabs!
bohni says:
June 10,2006 at 3:11
OK, that's right - I just got that winning message, when I logged in an moved to my character-page...
Big red letters telling me, that I hold the winning ticket 2625 - I did not check back the rolling-image...

Too bad - So close!

xpolockx says:
June 10,2006 at 19:51
I'm just sorry you got all excited for nothing... at least the rest of us knew we didn't win :P
Rollie says:
June 10,2006 at 20:42
It turns out that it is partially my fault as I set the wrong ticket to winner (hence his big red YOU WIN message), and as such, I am going to offer a consolation prize to Bohni. Sorry for my mistake!
bohni says:
June 11,2006 at 0:55
Thank you Rollie!
oiseaux says:
June 11,2006 at 2:33
Rollie always makes things right! 8)
RandomH3r0 says:
June 12,2006 at 8:41
Ouch, well congrats to whoever ends up winning :D
Lomirr says:
June 14,2006 at 5:33
Oh My God I think I won ^__^

Sianni says:
June 15,2006 at 9:11
Congrats Lomirr!!
villavengore says:
June 17,2006 at 8:20
According ot my profile page - I'm still waiting for numbers - I'm still on "May Drawing Ticket Numbers" - but looks like I haven't won any way :)

Congrats to the winners
AJ Riddle says:
June 20,2006 at 18:54
[quote:1a990262b6="villavengore"]According ot my profile page - I'm still waiting for numbers - I'm still on "May Drawing Ticket Numbers" - but looks like I haven't won any way :)

Congrats to the winners[/quote:1a990262b6]

Same here
hoagiehero says:
July 25,2006 at 18:55
Damn, go away for the summer and win.. but to damn late to claim.. oh well.. I had the 2626 number.
Rollie says:
July 25,2006 at 20:26
If you have that number now, then it is for this month's drawing, not June's =x

But all the same, glad you are checking around again!

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