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Help Wanted!


I am currently looking for some individuals to help out not only here at WarcraftRealms, but also on other upcoming sites.

I am in need of the following services:

- Writers - for articles, guides, interviews, etc
- Graphical Designers - artists, designers, sig creators, etc
- Coders (php & mysql) - code monkies, wweeee!

Depending upon your experience, these could be paid positions. I am also accepting volunteers for certain areas. If you are interested, please drop me an email to rollie (at) warcraftrealms (dot) com and let me know your area of interest, experience, expertise, and requirements (pay, volunteer, etc).

EDIT: Thank you for all the responses! I am going to work through the current group of responders and as such, I am not accepting offers of help at this time.
Skyfire says:
June 14,2006 at 0:2
Volunteers for certain areas?

Those you referred to, or are there other, darker, secrets you're carrying around with yourself?

Just curious. 8)
Hybuir says:
June 16,2006 at 9:32
Sent ya a response to the message you sent yesterday ;)
notwolf says:
June 16,2006 at 11:42
completely interested. college graduate, blahblahblah...

email me yer email addy & more particulars. not interested in pay, unless yeh just wanna pick up my W0W bill...heh

misterwile AT gmail
Gillak says:
June 17,2006 at 22:24
Hey... Hit ya up on gmail. Msg me if im ever needed... also if you want to just talk on vent send me a mail :D.
Yenx says:
June 18,2006 at 4:22
Hey Rollie, sent you two e-mails containing the information you asked. Hope I'm accepted :). Thems here btw.
NiennaMiriel says:
June 18,2006 at 21:49
I just sent you an email. Not that you really need me to announce it, but I figured you might be happy to hear from me again! :)
RabyMcNugget says:
September 29,2006 at 18:25
I have no exp in those areas just game freak that's too poor to wow anymore [/img]
Negus says:
October 16,2006 at 9:8

Sent you an email regarding "Help". I bet you could use the services of a Proof Reader? :shock:

Truly amazed how many things people write that you sit there scratching your head, saying "What?" heh

Brevity is God! :idea:

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