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User Appreciation Contest Update


Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions recieved for the contest, I will be ending the contest early. As of right now, the contest will be ending at 12:00 CST on the night of Tuestday, September 20. This will give plenty of time for all submissions be processed by the following weekend. At which point the tickets will be assigned and I will plan to do the drawing on the 24th outside Orgrimmar on US - Bloodscalp.

After the contest finishes, I will be performing some additional database tweaks and optimizations. At that time, processing will be halted for a day or so while I make some changes that will hopefully help to increase the rate at which submissions are processed.

This is necessary because I do hope to continue doing these types of contests in the future. I think the contest has been a huge success in helping to cover many of the undercovered realm/factions out there and having more data is a great thing!
Zimeron says:
September 14,2005 at 20:39
Heres hoping to the fact that i want to wiN!
shaded says:
September 19,2005 at 14:45
hey what time will u be doing the random roll?
and i hope i win too. i'm not which to ick tho... psp or ipod
such a hard decision...
Rollie says:
September 19,2005 at 16:23
My plan is to do it at 12 noon on Saturday outside the gates of Orgrimmar on US - Bloodscalp. I might be able to do it on Friday evening though as it appears I will have all the data processed sooner than expected. I will keep you posted! Submissions will only be counted toward the contest until midnight tonight so be sure to get those last minute submissions in!
Zimeron says:
September 19,2005 at 16:28
Ugh, 12 noon? where do you live lol? Also if you do it friday, i'll be working like a slave ;), so be sure to post it on the site :-P. To bad i have to work tonight, otherwise i'd try and do one of those 20,000 update ones lol.
Rollie says:
September 19,2005 at 16:54
I am US-CST btw (UTC-6). It will be interesting to see just how many folks show up for the roll =)
Xianna says:
September 19,2005 at 17:30
so um can we get that in a DATE format? hehe
and noon CST?
Zimeron says:
September 19,2005 at 22:36
Thats my time sweet.
Rollie says:
September 19,2005 at 22:54
All submissions for the contest will actually have been processed by sometime tomorrow morning. I will get tickets assigned over the next couple of days. I will do the drawing (/random) outside of the gates of Orgrimmar on the US-Bloodscalp server at 8PM CST on Friday, September 23, 2005.
Zimeron says:
September 19,2005 at 23:45
Dang, will be at work, and to think i just made a char and got him to Org now. Well thats another update at least lol!
gendril says:
September 20,2005 at 0:23
Will you lock the processing so that no processing is done for anything submitted after the contest close time? So that we can see exactly how many updates we have run for the contest.
Rollie says:
September 20,2005 at 1:8
That's not necessary, it's easy to query to find what data was submitted between the exact times.

I'll get a final tally done tomorrow as well as get tickets assigned asap. You'll be able to see what tickets you have on your Character listing page.
Meduim says:
September 22,2005 at 7:48

will there be an all over listing of who had submitted what ammount on chars for this contest and earned how much tickets?

greets from germany
Rollie says:
September 22,2005 at 9:49
Look here:
Meduim says:
September 22,2005 at 14:58
yeah ! i?m in the top 50! :D :D :D

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