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Thank you to all those who donated to the Child's Play Charity fundraising drive here at Thanks to all of you, we sent in $770! That's great! The charity as a whole has raised over $420,000 this year for children's hospitals around the world.

Those of you who donated will receive bonus tickets for the December drawing(s).

Thanks again for making the donation drive a success!
Sianni says:
December 19,2005 at 10:28
Well, heck. We didn't make goal but we got darn close!
Rollie says:
December 19,2005 at 14:18
Maybe next year we'll hit the mark! $770 still isn't bad =)
Ceto says:
December 20,2005 at 12:9
They even mentioned you as a sponsor on the [url=]Child's Play[/url] page, cool.
Rollie says:
December 20,2005 at 13:24
pyrajane says:
December 20,2005 at 16:45
Yay! Gamers rule. Thanks for sponsoring them Rollie and for offering extra tickets as an incentive to donate.

Next year we'll make the $1000!
tirano says:
April 25,2006 at 11:1
tirano says:
April 25,2006 at 11:1
hello :shock:
Cleedus122 says:
July 18,2006 at 19:16

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