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September Contest Results


Congrats to Sianni of Elune on winning the contest! Ticket number 100656 was held by Sianni.

I will attempt to contact this user and at that time Sianni will have 1 week to claim their prize! Sianni can choose between an iPod or a PSP! Congrats to Sianni!
shaded says:
September 23,2005 at 20:21
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
September 23,2005 at 20:26
LMAO....they logged on once the whole month, and won the contest.

I knew that was gonna happen. I bet they reply to Rollie's email "What contest?"
Hybuir says:
September 23,2005 at 20:56
Congrats! I didn't win with my 4 tickets :(
minimart says:
September 23,2005 at 20:57
So I guess it is time to start another contest? :lol:
Rollie says:
September 23,2005 at 22:25
Yup =)

Going to work out some new details for the next one though so it will prob be a couple of weeks at least before things are finalized!
gendril says:
September 23,2005 at 23:26
Congrats to Sianni. 8)
Kazuo says:
September 24,2005 at 9:28
Congrats, Sianni! :)
How many tickets did she or he have in total?
Zimeron says:
September 24,2005 at 9:47
Me and Eyeball so called it lol! Lucky Lucky Person. I would have loved for it to go to gendril or eyeball, but then everyone has a chance lol! :lol: Congrats to the winner heres hoping they don't claim it and 2nd place is me ;)
Banzai says:
September 24,2005 at 18:20
Congrats to the Winners!
Sianni says:
September 24,2005 at 21:4
I am quite stunned. I just barely downloaded the mod and starting using it and just figured out how to do the uploads (hence the reason I haven't submitted bazillions). I wasn't out to win a contest - truly - but it is very cool to win! I never win anything!

Thank you all for the well wishes. I appreciate it.
Kazuo says:
September 25,2005 at 13:24
[quote:cee7ca1159="Sianni"] I wasn't out to win a contest - truly - but it is very cool to win! I never win anything![/quote:cee7ca1159]Lets hope this goes for everyone, I've been submitting for quite some time before this competition :)
If the submit-rate suddenly drops an awful lot I'll be slightly disapointed. :p

How many tickets did you have, by the way?
Alanthus says:
September 25,2005 at 14:32
Congratz Sianni :)
Sianni says:
September 25,2005 at 14:43
How many tickets did you have, by the way?[/quote:a967b5056f]

I think four.
xpolockx says:
September 26,2005 at 14:45
I had all of 21 tickets and still didn't win :P Oh well, grats Sianni. :)
yup_yup_yup says:
September 27,2005 at 11:19
Good Job! IDK how to even get those tickets but I'll figure out soon enough. I just started using the census+ thing.
Zimeron says:
September 27,2005 at 17:27
You can';t get tickets anymore bud, as the contest is over! keep using Census+ though ;)
Rollie says:
September 27,2005 at 17:47
More tickets to come! Soon soon! Hop over to the prize discussion thread in the general forum and help me nail down details so I can get a new contest rolling soon!
speraas says:
September 29,2005 at 15:58
Honestly, if you want to increase the submissions and accuracy of the census, you need to do two things. Make it easier and much more visible to download the mod (I've been here many times and still have trouble remembering how to get it when there are updates) and make the data submission more visible.

Maybe it sounds silly to you, but if you could put a couple buttons at the top of the homepage for those two items I think it would make the process much more newbie friendly.
Zimeron says:
September 29,2005 at 22:57
It also comes with the popular mod pack thats where most get it, and it includes auto updates.
tig says:
October 3,2005 at 13:56
Congrats on winning :)

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